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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Digital Photo Alteration Contest

Have you ever had that almost perfect picture and wished there was some way to remove just one little bit from it? How about loving the way someone looks in a picture, just wishing they were in a different setting? Or have you ever seen your daughter as a magical fairy princess and just not been able to create that magic look in a photo? Here is your chance to win a photo alteration of your own.

Here is a little bit of background info:
I do not use Photoshop. I know, shocker right? I used it a very long time ago, but found a full version program on a disk my mother had for her scanner called Ulead PhotoImpact and began using that. (I just followed the link and saw that they are offering this program for download for only $19.99! Great price!) I used it for years, verion 4. I now own verion X3 which is much more advanced with a lot more editing options. I am self taught with this program, picking up hints from different sites here and there and of course the Help option in the program itself.

How to Enter:
First, I would like for you to visit my Flickr account and take a look at some of the photo alterations I have done in the past. Then post a comment telling me which image you liked the best. There are quite a few on there and I will understand if you don't look through them all. This will be mandatory for entry.

Additional Entries (please enter seperate comments for each of these):
Post a blog of your own telling about this contest.
Add me on Facebook. (Link available to the left)
Add me on Twitter. (Link available to the left)
Become a Follower of my blog.

Contest Details:
I will run the contest for a week. All comments must be posted by midnight Sunday, December 13th to be eligible for the drawing. I am making this a short one in case someone is looking to use their winning image for a Christmas gift. Once I announce the winner (be sure I have your e-mail address so I can notify you) you will have 2 days to e-mail me the image you want altered with a brief desciption of what you would like done with it. I will then take the photo and alter it to your specifications to the best of my ability. I will also create a couple of extra altered images and e-mail them back to you for approval. You may then choose the one you like best and I will email you the full size image of the alteration you chose. At that point, the image is yours to do with as you see fit. I will post the altered image in a later post on my blog and would love for you to do the same. With any luck this will all be accomplished before the 20th, plenty of time for you to have a print or multiple prints made. Personally I have used Wal-Mart's online photo printing with great success. You can upload your photo, choose your sizes, and send them to the 1 hour photo printing to be processed. Of course larger prints and actual gift items may take longer, see their website for details.

What I can't do:
I can't sharpen an image that is really blurry. To some extent I can enhance the edges, but it does not always come out like a crisp focused image.
I can't brighten a super dark photo. I can add brightness, but any details that were lost by the darkness of the original image will still be lost.
I can't do photo costmetic 'surgery'. I have seen some YouTube videos of people who are able to change people's looks completely, make them thinner, longer hair, add makeup, etc. I have not really tried to do that so please don't ask it of me.

What I can do:
I can remove an unwanted item from the background.
I can totally replace a background.
I can remove minor blemishes and the appearance of wrinkles.
I can change the color of items in the image without losing detail.
I can turn a photo into a work of art.

If you have something you want done that I have not listed in the cans and can'ts then just ask me. I don't have room here to list everything that I can and can not do. I guess that about sums it up then, let the comments begin!!!


  1. Why of course my favorite one is of Emma and her coloring. I love that lil lady. I am so excited to enter this contest and am off to tell others about it.

  2. I already am a friend on Facebook

  3. and you know i am a follower of your blog

  4. I'm also following you on Twitter

  5. I also did a blog for you here:

    hope you have tons of visitors

  6. tweeted here http://twitter.com/CrazedMind/status/6405756018

  7. The one in the frame in my bedroom is my favorite:)

  8. also put a note up on facebook and another twitter going to my blog about your giveaway

    hope you have lots of entries!

  9. I am your friend :P even on facebook

  10. haven't blogged yet today but I will link to your contest

  11. I have a few product photos that need a little umph! And I almost named my son Ashe but instead now he's Isaiah. But I still love that name. Your kids are too cute.

    My best, Lynn

  12. dI liked "Glow Away! Very sixtyish. Reminds me of the blacklight I had in my bedroom. I had my brother=in-law give me a very tiny "P" tatoo with flourescent paint. Then I'd go under the blacklight to admire it. So neat! I still like glow in the dark stuff, and I'm 55. I guess I'm a kid at heart.


  13. Let's see if I can type this with no typo's this time. I am now a follower on Google.

  14. I've sent you a friend request. I'm not familiar on how to do a "Facebook connect". If that is what you're talking about tell me how and I'll do it. (Sorry I sound so dumb) I'm not sure about Twitter either.


  15. My favorite picture would be the one of Emma with the bubbles and fairy wings. :)

  16. I'm also following you on twitter. (I'm shaping up to be a great minion, aren't I?)

  17. I'm your friend on facebook. :)

  18. I really like the myturn - turtle one. It's so trippy. I definately have some friends at college that would love something like this hanging on their wall - haha, hippies!


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