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Friday, November 13, 2009

What I 'Saw' Today...

The picture you see above is of a moth that decided to rest on the outside wall of my store. I saw it this morning and sent a picture of it to Kevin. I am reminded of what he wrote in his blog, that we should stop and really look at something. I would love to take more time to observe this moth on my wall, unfortunately, my job requires that I actually do some work to get paid. However, I did take a few seconds anyway, to take a photo of this resting creature to share with the world. So I guess, the point here is to take any chance you can to observe the wondrous world around you!


  1. wow that at first looked like a flaw but God does not make flaws but works of art
    your so right stopping to see the world is one of the least appreciated arts.

  2. And the winner for Funky Kidz is:

    Charity said...

    I am also a follower of your blog :)

    Pop over and see! Congrats


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