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Thursday, November 26, 2009

What I Saw Today...part3

Today was Thanksgiving, Kevin worked very hard to cook an awesome meal for us and it turned out excellent. I did not take a picture of the meal which is "What I Saw Today" so you are stuck seeing just my eye today. The turkey was seasoned with bacon and sage and numerous other spices. There was cornbread dressing with turkey sausage that has to be the best dressing I've ever eaten. I usually pass over the dressing on Thanksgiving, but very glad I did not do so this year. We also had creamy mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and rolls. It was very traditional. And it was VERY delicious. I put in a little time in the kitchen by making the gravy, pasta salad, and deviled eggs. As you can see Kevin did all the hard work. He put a lot of effort into the meal and it showed...or tasted...however you want to look at it. Kevin also made some pecan pie with pecans from our yard that was absolutely delicious!! There was chocolate pudding pie as well. Unfortunately Kevin's younger brother was not able to join us so we are stuck with a massive amount of leftovers. I'm sure they'll be put to good use. I will try to save some for Ashe when he returns from visiting with his father.

Seeing how it's Thanksgiving, I feel the need to note the things that I am thankful for.
My kids
I have a job (even though I'm not happy with it, I am still thankful to have it)
We have a car (that is even still running right now)
Second chances (and third, fourth and fifth...maybe someday I'll get my shit together)
The roof over my head
The food on our table
The friends who seem to always be there when we need it
The chance to spend time with loved ones
and many more things that are too numerous to mention here.

So, what did you see today? What is it that you are thankful for? Have you told someone "thank you" lately? Sometimes it's the little things that matter most or mean the most, knowing you are appreciated can be a great feeling. So, tell someone thank you, and mean it.

1 comment:

  1. thankful for my college girl and her level head.
    thankful for the man who loves me even before i have brushed my teeth
    thankful for a houseful of animals that depend on me getting up and caring for them everyday
    thankful for family and friends who are sometimes closer than family
    thankful for the ability to think for somedays even that is hard to do.


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