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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Networking Via Phone

So, I work a full time job. Monday through Friday, 10 hours a day. I am also required to be available to be called or to go up to the store for assistance. That's the life of a manager. Well, sitting at work, I end up with some down-time when there's no customers in the store, all the cabinets are wiped down, etc. During those times I turn to my phone and the internet. I can do quite a bit on my phone (I am typing this from my phone now), but every so often I run in to snags. I can't log on to my online banking, I can't post comments occasionally on certain blogs, I can't update my Facebook status (unless I text it in, neat feature), I can't copy and paste, and some pages just don't load well. I guess I shouldn't complain too much, I mean, I am grateful that I can do at least as much as that on my phone. I tell myself, I'll go back to that site on the regular computer at home after I get off work. Then I get home and have to do this or that and completely forget to get online for whatever it was I was wanting to do. In truth, I sometimes wish that I could earn money by staying home, I unfortunately can not afford to live without the paycheck I earn at my job. But I still wish it. Maybe someday I can quit working outside my home, then I wouldn't have to pay for internet service on my phone. ;)

Pics to be added later (if I remember) as that is another thing I can not do from my phone.

1 comment:

  1. I am amazed at how much can be done on cell phones but more than I can fathom. Life is busy for working moms...been there and miss it more than you would guess.


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