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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Update on the Move

We have just a little over a week to go before we move. Packing is going...well...so so. I have yet to start packing up my room, but there is mostly only clothes in there. The closet won't take long to pack and neither will the kitchen. The bookshelf has already been packed as well as the movies. The kids have done a wonderful job of getting their stuff packed up, so I think we'll be on schedule for load day.

I will be picking up my truck and tow trailer at around 10am on the 5th of July. Then with the help of, hopefully, a lot of friends I plan to get the truck loaded with our stuff and head out that afternoon. I will have to stop overnight somewhere to rest up. That and I will need to give my cats a break from riding in the Xterra. I am concerned that they will get overheated on the journey, but I'll be sure to make frequent stops to ensure they have plenty of water and are not getting too warm. I figure if I roll the windows down some they should get some decent air flow to help keep them cool.

I don't remember if I posted on here about my laptop frying, but it did. FYI...do not leave your laptop on constantly or you will fry the motherboard! :) I actually learned that it is not good to leave any computer on as it increases the risk of them overheating and thus frying bits that you need for them to work properly. I had hoped to have the laptop working so that I could post updates as I travel, but since that is not the case, I splurged and purchased a netbook. It's rather small, but it actually has a very large hard drive. I hope to be able to connect to a few WiFi spots along the way and post some blogs about the journey as well as some pics. I still haven't worked out my exact route, but will be doing that very soon. I'll probably purchase a new road atlas to help navigate our journey. At this point my main concern is that every route I've looked at has me driving through Ft. Worth and Dallas. To those who know me, I DO NOT drive through large towns like these as the drivers there are all crazy and scare the crap out of me. Now it appears that I will be doing so while driving a 24' truck pulling my Xterra! Just keep your fingers crossed that I will make it through there ok if I cannot find an alternate route.

I guess that's all for now. Have a wonderful day!


  1. Sweetie, if you are leaving in the afternoon, you should hit the metroplex in the evening after the major traffic has ended. Also, you can go around, not through, the cities, since they both have loops, so it shouldn't be as bad. For instance, take 67 to I-20 outside of Dallas. Then follow I-20 until it splits off with I-635. Follow 635 around until you come to I-30. That way you avoid going throuhg downtown Dallas altogether. If you need any other help just let me know and I will get this worked out for you.


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