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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Do You See What I See?

Ok, I know the name is a bit cheesy, but I thought it fitting after my last blog title. So here's the thing. Can you see anything wrong with the picture below?

No? Well, I guess I am being a little unfair as it's not really anything wrong with the picture itself (except the name of the town is blurred for security reasons). What I see wrong is that here is this brand new 'memorial' of sorts displayed at the edge of town informing people of where they are entering, or perhaps where they are leaving. Our little town has been 'upgrading' some roads for going on 2 years now, putting in a new overpass leading out of town and now spending who knows how much time and money on the above pictured 'memorial'. Note the freshly laid sod, concrete/stone work, and landscaping. So, by now you may be wondering what I am getting at. Take a look at this picture now.

This area is only a few feet away from the nice new, pretty 'memorial' from the first picture. I know it's hard to see exactly what I'm trying to show you in this picture, so I took a close-up picture.

See, this small section of road has pot holes so bad you could lose an entire car in them. Hell, I think someone has already. I do know of one person who, after driving in this area, busted open their transmission. People have quit using this 'road' because of how horrible it is. So I find myself wondering, if there is plenty of time and money for a brand new overpass, and a brand new landscaped 'memorial' then why has this road not been fixed? Doesn't it seem more helpful and economic to fix the road rather than spend all that money on lanscaping by an oversized roadsign?

1 comment:

  1. Repairing roads used as opposed to fixing up the asthetics of the town would make entirely too much sense. Everyone should know by now that polotics, be it at a city or country level, is at best, well, not too bright. But good eye! Keep opening others' eyes as well!


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