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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So Here It Is, My Little Corner

I have a friend who does a lot of blogging and seems to enjoy it. She has met quite a few people and learned new things, tested new and interesting products, and just had a good time. I figured, well I'll give it a shot. My love started his today earlier. See his at http://www.terzula.blogspot.com/ and be sure to visit my friend who got us started at http://www.theysayimnuts.blogspot.com/ . I'm sure they would both enjoy a visit to their blog, not to mention they are probably both much more interesting and have better stuff on theirs.

So, being that this is my first post, I guess I'll give a little info about myself. I am 32 years old with two beautiful children ages 13 and 12. I just recently divorced my husband of 7 years for the plain and simple fact that we didn't agree on anything and wanted different things out of life. It just seemed unreasonable to stay together when we were both unhappy. I have since started dating a dear friend of mine. I have known him since I was pregnant with my son, and he and I have been very good friends since. Our house is also home to two cats, a mostly black cat named Drizzt (after R.A. Salvatore's character), a white with black cat Squishy which belongs to my daughter, three ball pythons, Madmartigan, Razelle, and Sorscha (yes those are all names from Willow), a water dragon, Obad-Hai; and my love's Mexican Black Kingsnake, The Slithering Darkness (Slither for short or the Slithering Pig if you've seen him eat!). We in this household are quite fond of animals, if that wasn't obvious, and we are actually looking for a puppy to join our happy family.

My son, the oldest at 13, well not til next week actualy, is a loveable, intelligent, imaginative child that keeps me on my toes. He played football this year for the first time and really enjoyed it, he said he plans to play next year as well. He also plays the Alto Saxophone for the band. He loves to play World of Warcraft and Dungeons & Dragons.

My daughter, only 12 and technically not til next month, is an energetic, friendly, artistic girl. She loves almost everyone she meets instantly and people can't help but love her in return. She loves to learn new arts and craft things with me, she recently did her first wood-burning and it turned out very well. She plays flute for band and is doing excellent at it.

Then there is my love, the oldest of the household, and I won't say by how much. He keeps us all on hopping with his charming self, witty remarks and general lines of bullshit. I don't know anyone else that can spew forth BS the way he does in such a believeable manner. He absolutely loves the outdoors, repltiles of all kinds, learning anything any everything he can, and his greastest love is the love for his children. He hates cats (and shows it often by feeding Drizzt directly from his own plate and spoiling him utterly rotten), but loves dogs. He has been wanting a dog of his own for quite some time, but I was hesitant due to previous bad expieriences with canines in the house. I have pretty much caved, as I do actually like dogs, mostly, and I trust Kevin to make sure the dogs respect the house and the people who live here, meaning they will do their 'business' outside and be taught early on not to eat/chew everything they can get their teeth into.

I love arts of all sorts, photography, trees, animals, and many other things. I paint, wood-burn, sew, create all sorts of completely useless things that are interesting to look at, take pictures as often as I can find time, and numerous other projects that fall my way. I currently manage a convinient store here in town. I must say that I am truly frustrated with my job, at least the waking up at 4am part, and would love nothing more than to quit and stay at home for a while. I don't think I could stand to do it for too long, I've worked or gone to school most of my life and I don't know that I could stay sane at home all the time. I would love to find a more flexible job but keep the same or better paycheck that I have now. I'm not asking for much huh?

Well, I think I've managed to give out the basics here, so I'll end this post for the time being. I promise I will not remember to post here every day, but will do my best to keep it updated and perhaps put some slightly more interesting information up for future reading enjoyment. Take care all!



  1. Oh, haa, haa.Slithering pig and cat-lover-b.s. artist! Very cute Hon.

  2. good start don't forget you have spell check on the top of your forms it can help link set up so that you can have our name showing and a link connected to it not too hard really just holler for direction!

    looking forward to the weekend!

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  4. Welcome to the blogsphere! It's nice to see ya here!

  5. Hi Jayde! Stopping by from SITS. Glad to meet you and your family. I am a mother of teenage boys too, one is 15 and the other is 19.

  6. I'm just stopping by from SITS today! I'm so glad you started blogging, isn't it great! Something different from day to day life!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family :)

    My personal blog:

    If you are ever interested in a new blog design, I would love to work with you in 2010!

  7. Congratulations on joining the blogging world! It's a lot of fun, isn't it?

    Sounds like you have quite a houseful, which must make for a lot of interesting posts.

    Hope you had a great holiday. Visiting from SITS.


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