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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Birthday!

We celebrated Ashe's birthday yesterday and it was a great day! Keving got up early to bake a cake for Ashe. It turned out so cute, he started with triple chocolate cake, made two layers. It was frosted with cream cheese icing. Then a 'grave' was dug out of the center and a small inexpensive action figure was 'buried' into the cake. And of course there was a headstone, to mark the grave of the fallen. That may sound sick and demented to some, but if you are a gamer (D&D) you would understand a little better.
There were lots of friends to enjoy the BBQ with us, plenty of food to eat, presents, cake and of course ice cream. Ashe enjoyed himself very much, which is all that matters. And he only had to open one duct-taped gift this year. He also had a prank gift which is always fun. The look on his face was absolutely awesome!!

All in all it was an excellent day finished off with some gaming time. Good friends and good times, can't beat it.


  1. It was a nice day...and he is growing so. You know that college is just around the corner. Yeah, scary thought.


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