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Monday, November 30, 2009

Eary Christmas Gift

Ok, so I caved. I figured I would sooner or later. I had a bad expierience with dogs in my house in the past, so I was dead set against having any dog until we had a fence up. I know this was not particularly fair to Kevin as it was not his fault that I had a bad expierience. I have been fooling around with the idea of allowing (wow that sounds domineering) him to get a dog since I know he really loves them. I was hesitant though, because I only have 2 floors that I have replaced since getting rid of the other dogs. I still have 3 that are in need of replacing. I did come to the conclusion, however, that I can not hold Kevin liable for the failings of others (myself included). It was not his doing that caused my house to be nearly destroyed by dogs, and I realize now, that he will be much more responsible than others were. So, I told Kevin that he could have a dog a few weeks ago and he has been searching ever since. Friday he found a site online for a local shelter and saw a 10mo old German Shepard. He asked me about it since the cost to get it from the shelter would be $150.00. That price covers all shots, spay or neutering, microchip, and a 30 day insurance of up to $750.00 in case anything goes wrong. They also check the animals for heartworms. I figured we could afford this and I had already mentioned that it would be one of his Christmas gifts. So Kevin and Amy took off to the shelter to get the dog. Apparently when they got there, they were bombarded with choices. To hear Kevin tell it, this place was no simple 'shelter' but more of a hotel of sorts. He swears in all the shelters he's ever been to in the past, this was the cleanest and best tended one he'd ever set foot in. The animals were all clean, healthy, and happy. He and Amy looked over the different dog choices available to them and narrowed it down to two choices. The German Shepard that he originally went for, and a 1 year old large mixed-breed. The deciding factor, or one of them, was the shelter's statement that the 1 year old was already housebroken. So, Kevin filled out the paperwork, paid the $150.00 and is the proud owner of a new dog. The shelter sent him to be neutered and microchipped and Kevin will be going to pick up his new dog today. Meathead (formerly known as Bruno) will be the newest member of our ever-growing family. I can't wait to meet him.

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  1. Meathead. What a great name. You have a handsome new member of the family now. Wow, you and Kevin have had quite a large number or add ons since you have been together. Family is growing in leaps and bounds.


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