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Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Day at the Park

As you can see it was a beautiful day to take a trip to the park. Kevin, Amy, Ashe, and myself took a short drive to the local park to have a day out together. We were also due to meet up with some friends there for a photo shoot. I posted some images on my Photography Blog of that shoot if you'd like to see them. We all had a great time and took lots and lots of pictures. It was nice to spend the day with family and friends, some of my favorite people in the world.

I've noticed a trend with my pictures of my children lately. I have some great one of Ashe, and some great ones of Amy, but very few of them together and almost none of them great. At least, not the hang on the wall type great. You see above why I don't have very many good pictures of them together.


This is a great shot of Kevin, my love, although it is a tad bit blurry. That's what happens when someone is walking toward the camera and I can't focus quick enough. Silly Kevin...I can't ever get an expression like this when he's holding still either.

Poor Ashe, sporting a brand new buzz cut and his very first black eye. He got into a fight (well, another kid punched him, wasn't much of a fight) at school last week. As for the hair, well, it was in bad need of cutting.

Amy had to wear her cap to the park and the shot right before this one would have been awesome except for the major shadow on her face from the brim of the hat. So I knocked it off her head and took another shot. It's what any mom would do right?


A day out with Kevin is never complete without some sort of off the wall posing by Kevin. He never disappoints when it comes to great silly shots. It's part of what I love about him.

All in all it was a great day. After we left the park we all came to the house to cook out and spend some more time together. It seems time is a precious commodity for everyone these days so we take advantage of the little time we have spare. Kevin grilled, pork ribs (of course), hot dogs, brauts, fruit and vegetables, and chicken. We also cooked some fresh green beans inside on the stove. It was a wonderful day and I am worn out from it. I took so very many pictures today and it will take me a while to go through them all.

How did you spend your Saturday?

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