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Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Trip To The Zoo

Kevin and I traversed to the zoo today. This exhibit, MOLA: Museum of Living Art had it's grand opening today. It is an entire building dedicated to reptiles and amphibians. We probably spent a good 2 hours in this exhibit alone! So many very cool snakes, lizards, frogs, turtles, crocodiles, it was just gorgeous! Here are just a few of the shots from today's zoo trip. On the Canon we shot over 400 pictures, that's not counting what we took on the two Kodaks we brought as well! I picked a few really nice ones to share with you.

This cute little guy decided to 'pose' for the camera! Kevin said it was showing a territorial display, like it felt threatened by our presence. I think he was just a little camera hog...er frog.

This guy was more green in real life, the flash that was required to get a decent shot threw his color of a little bit.

I found this to be one of the more interesting displays in the new exhibit...I was grateful for the informational card that explained exactly what we were seeing behind the glass! lol

This Ocelot was grooming itself most of the time I was trying to take pictures. It was just so cute I wanted to take it home!

This guy was a great model, he was getting a little restless and calling to the older (I think his parents) in the next-door exhibit. He was even calling out to them and it was awesome. I love cats and I would have gladly taken this one home as well, I'm not quite sure Drizzt would have appreciated a new male in the house to compete with though!

Who doesn't love some BACON at the zoo!


This creature here was the most fierce of them all and he scared all the little children. I was lucky to get this quick shot of him since he is rather feral and not fond of the camera noise!

Now, I have to tell the funny part of the day and hope that Kevin will still speak to me after 'telling' on him. We got to the zoo a little early so we waited in the truck for a little while and perused the newspaper we picked up this morning. Finally, we felt it was time to start heading into the zoo so we grab the cameras, wallets, and hats and lock all the doors, even remembering to lock the hatchback of the Xterra. We spent 5+ hours roaming the zoo, taking pictures, and having a great time. As we get back to the truck, Kevin, being the gentleman that he is, unlocks my door first then goes around to his side. Where he finds the window to the driver's side is rolled ALL THE WAY DOWN!! But....the door was definitly locked! We got lucky on that one, no one apparently noticed the rolled down window and none of our stuff (not that there was anything important) was pilfered. Needless to say, he will not be living this one down anytime soon!!


  1. We are so ready to go to the zoo soon. I really should have gone today before the rain starts this week but oh well. I love ocelots but honestly, hate snakes. I'm checking out your side bar with all the snakes. YIKES! I really don't even know why I hate them.

    Visiting from SITS.

  2. The blue frog is gorgeous. And I hate frogs. But he really is beautiful.

    I came across this little gadget and maybe for trips like this he'd help you avoid some of the effects of that flash - http://www.lightscoop.com

    Stopping by from SITS!


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