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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tag You're It...or am I IT?

Here we are again, I was 'tagged' by a fellow blogger and would like to say thanks. I have a hard time, sometimes, getting on here and coming up with something to write about that I think others will enjoy reading about. Brea over at Brea's Befuddled Brain has tagged me. Now there are rules to being tagged that I will try to explain.

When you are tagged, you are to create a post adding the 10th image in your 1st picture folder on your computer and tell the story behind it. Then, once you've accomplished that, you are to tag 5 more people to do the same.
Now lets see what image I come up with...
This is the 10th image in my 1st folder, I'm not cheating like Brea did!! :)

The story behind this picture:
     This is my son's first and only pet of his very own, he calls him Fwoggie. He was obtained at Pet Smart on a trip there with the hopes that Ashe would enjoy having a pet, yet ensuring it wasn't a super hard animal to take care of. He is 13 and VERY forgettful, yes, he's actually worse than me. The frog is what is referred to as a PacMan frog, among other common and proper names. This is the most commonly used though and came about because of the enormous size of it's mouth in relation to it's head. Since this is not a head on shot, it's hard to see. When he opens his mouth he looks somewhat like PacMan, hence the name. I took this picture the night we brought him home, mainly because I am still taking pictures of everything I can point my new camera at, but also because I like to take pictures and I like to have pictures of people, animals, and other things.

So there it is, I have completed my first task, now to pass this TAG on and hope that others will play along.

1st - Lynette at Crazed Mind
     She has been a dear friend and is one of the people who got me interested in blogging to begin with.
     She is my other influencer to start a blog, hope she's back from her vacation to participate.
3rd - PJ from PJ's Prayer Line
     I met PJ after I started blogging and I have even done some photo restoration work for her that turned out rather well.
4th - Jen at Rants & Raves
     She is one of my best friends and whose 3 1/2 year old I recently did a portrait session on that produced some great shots of that little angel (devil).
5th - Cindy at Chalk It Up!
     A fellow artist and an all around nice person. I enjoy her blog and am glad to have found it.

So there you go, thanks again for the TAG, Brea. This is a nice change of pace from  wondering what to post about.


  1. Hey Honey, you're welcome!

    It was a bit of light entertainment, and I only passed it on to people whom I THOUGHT would enjoy the minor diversion...

    GREAT PHOTO by the way!!! (You don't need to cheat, when you have interesting photo's like that. As you could see, I however, do not! LOL!)

  2. Fwoggie! Such a cutie....miss seeing the lil thing. Great to have pets of any kind.

    Thanks for the game....I will do my best soon!

  3. Again thanks and I have my post up too!

  4. Cool picture but I'm not a frog fan, LOL. The snakes are creeping me, too! All we have are cats at the moment.

  5. Hey Girl! I sure have enjoyed stopping by "your workplace" and chatting. It's really been fun for me. I don't think I play tag. I am the world's worst at time management and I'm still fighting my way through trying to do pay for post.Lynette finally ended up fixing my post problem, but now I'm trying to get a hold of Blogvertise, I e-mailed them earlier this afternoon, but they didn't reply. Right now I'm having a problem focusing on what I'm typing. I am a snake-a-phobic (if that's a word. I get nervous even looking at pictures of snakes, without haveing nightmares.

    God Bless!



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