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Monday, March 15, 2010

Photo Restoration - A Completed Project

I was recently given the opportunity to do some restoration work on some old photographs. I have finally got them all completed and even did some coloring. I am very pleased with the result and so is the client. It is always a great feeling to complete a project and even more so to know that I have made someone happy with my work.

If you would like to take a look at the photos, before & after, then take a quick trip to my Phototography Blog and check them out. I would love to do some more restoration work, so if you have any old photos you would like fixed then send me an e-mail and we can discuss the details.

Here is a restoration that I did a month or so ago. It was a test photo for an online restoration shop. I am not real happy with the colored image or the background, but we all learn from our mistakes.


This was a very challenging photo to try to restore and it was one of my first few attempts to truly restore a damaged image. This is probably the worst looking starting image I have worked with and it was a big challenge to try to make it look good again. I welcomed the challenge as an attempt to test my skills. I think after doing some other restorations I may come back to this one again and see if I can do better. This photo may become my own personal gague to see if I am improving my skills.


  1. OH! I think it turned out wonderful! What a fabulous difference from the ripped photo!

  2. I think that is amazing work.
    I could never have the patience it takes.

  3. That's a great outcome!

    I tried one a while ago & gave up! I can't stand photo restoration. I'll send it to you, it's my MIL's photo. My hubby wants it restored. I've been sitting on it for months. You can have it! Lol!

    I can't wait for all the lovely Spring Photos to start appearing on your blog!


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