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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Frozen Mice & my Twisted Child

I had to work late today because of meetings, they were long and pretty boring, but required occasionally so no help for it. My daughter called me when she got home from school and I asked her to please get out some mice to feed the snakes tonight. The snakes get fed once a week on Thursday, and for those of you who do not like snakes there are NO snake pictures in this post. At 7:00 pm roughly I finally make it home and what do I hear from my daughter but "You want to know what I named the mice?"

Keep in mind that the mice are dead, frozen and kept in the freezer until feeding night. It's healther and safer for the snakes to feed on non-live mice, less chance of infection or injury. Back to the mice though...I'm not sure if they're put in the bag alive then flash frozen or what, but sometimes they are in some very odd positions. Therefore, they inspired my daughter (my somewhat twisted and demented daughter) to name them.

The Karate Kid

Cute huh? That's not even the best one!! She named one the Michael Jackson Zombie...didn't impress me much so I didn't take a picture. The other one though, wow...too funny. Keep in mind that the names came from my 12 year old daughter, no addional input from anyone. Here's my favorite:

Chubby Uncle Sam
"I want YOU!"
Yup...can you see it...it's too awesome! Makes an equally twisted and demented mother like me proud! Have a great day!


  1. lol that is too funny i love our demented kids especially the girls
    yeah naming dead mice is the way to go.....go on over to my fav....lenore the lil dead girl

  2. What? No twirling ballerina or Captain Hook.

    So did the snakes ever get to eat the named morsels? Or did the daughter insist on keeping them about.


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