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Sunday, April 18, 2010

This Week's Featured Image Week 11

Well, I have gone back to posting just one photo since I will hopefully stay on top of the weekly images now. Since Spring is here at last I have taken quite a few new images for my Flower series, a lot of roses since my bushes are blooming. I am hoping to get out to the lake and get some bluebonnet pictures soon, as well as any others I can get my camera focused on. I had intended to make a trip to the Botanical Gardens this weekend, but plumbing problems took that idea right out. Maybe next weekend or the one after. So without further ado, last week's featured image(s):
Last week I posted two images, one from my Tree Series and one from my Flower series. The tree was taken at the lake on a hiking path. I loved the shape of the tree at the lake and the sepia tone really added to the feel in my opinion. The flower was a bloom from the pear tree in my back yard. I increased the contrast and made the image black and white.

Hope you enjoyed the images from last week and that you like the one for this week as well. All of my featured images are offered as prints for sale at my Shop.


  1. Jayde- This is my first time here and, oh my, your photography is wonderful!

    Thanks for stopping by.

  2. don't forget the huge field of bluebonnets just behind nessa's house. it is beautiful! and only a few blocks away from you too!
    i have a old photo i wish to see if you can restore. it is of my mom as a toddler. will pop by soon.


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