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Sunday, April 25, 2010

This Week's Featured Image Week 12

I used an older image for last week's Featured Image, from the Farm Life Series. I really enjoyed taking those shots and I'm rather impressed with how well they turned out (if I do say so myself) considering they were taken on my cell phone.
The original image was a little less colorful, I had to 'green up' the grass and boost the saturation some. Then I added the Lighting to darken the outer part of the image. I would show you the original image, but unfortunately it is saved on my laptop, which is not being cooperative at this time.

Hope you enjoyed this image, and that you like the one for this week as well. That one I took just today during a walk around the lake. I took many more and will be working on those to add some new images to my Tree Series, my Flower Series, and my ABC Photography Series. As usual, all the images you see on the Featured Image are available to purchase as prints if you visit my Shop. Some of the newer images (like the ones taken today) have not been added to the gallery just yet, but keep checking back.


  1. Hi Jayde,
    Will look forward to you posting the original pic...nice shot

  2. Nice shot, especially with a phone.

  3. what......that was with a phone!
    time to toss MY phone in the river :)

    beautiful place you have here...



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