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Sunday, April 11, 2010

This Week's Featured Image Week 9 & 10

I have been pretty busy lately and have missed changing the featured image quite a few times. This is why I have been putting more than one image on when I do get a chance to change them. I had to recreate the title image base, because the computer I was using to do them has been giving me a lot of problems of late. I can rarely get it to turn on, much less keep it running long enough to do anything.

This was Week 9, which actually lasted about a month and a half before I had the time to change it. This image was taken with my new Canon Rebel EOS XS. I did very little to the original image, just a little bit of additional blacking of the background. Gotta love those digital SLRs.

These two images were for Week 10, (if I recall correctly it lasted for 2 weeks). The image of the tree to the left was taken for a weekend assignment challenge from Digital Photography School on silhouettes. I took this picture at the local park. The adjustments I made to it were to remove the lens flare, brighten and contrast, and I believe I used Diffuse Glow as well.
The leaf was taken while hiking at the lake not too far from my home. I used B&C (or possibly Smart Curves I can't remember) to enhance the leaf. Then I extracted the leaf as an object and created a new background for it using a picture of a fossil I took in my home and some gradient fills. I think I also used some motion blur on the background for interest. Added a shadow to the leaf and there you have it.

Hopefully I will start doing better about adding the new Featured Images each week, now that I've recreated the title file on this computer where I can access it regularly. I hope you enjoyed these previous featured images as well as the new one. Don't forget, you can purchase prints of any of these images on my Order Page. I am also working on a new series that has caught my attention and seems to be a popular one with photographers. Keep an eye out for these new images to start showing up on my Photography Blog.

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