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Sunday, May 2, 2010

This Week's Featured Image Week 13

Had a god week, this week. A little rocky with the heartworm case with Bruno. He's doing better now (and so is Kevin). Last week's image was shot during our walk at the lake. My son, Ashe, and Bruno were walking ahead of me on the trail. It was a peaceful day, the sun was bright, the wind was calm. I saw this shot as the two began to head around that bend and even then, before I raised my camera, I saw it as you see it now.
I knew it would be sepia toned, and I knew it would look aged and distressed. To get that effect from the original picture took a little time and playing around with ideas. This image is one where I began to expirament with what I could accomplish using layers. I've used them before, but not in this way. Usually all I have done with layers is to cut a specific object and paste it onto a new background, sometimes add a shadow. However, to create this image, and to keep the focal point of the image clear, I began by creating seperate layers to get the desired effect. All in all, there were only 3 layers, but I think the result looks great. I look forward to learning more as I teach myself all the neat things I can accomplish with digital art. I hope you enjoyed the Featured Image last week, and this week's as well. Have a great week!

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