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Friday, May 28, 2010

I ♥ Faces - Fix It Friday #56

Yes it is Friday again, and besides the fact that I get two whole days off in a row now, it is Fix-It-Friday over at I ♥ Faces. I love to participate in these but don't always get to every week. This week's image is of the cutest little twins...well, they may not be the cutest anymore since my niece and nephew were born. ;) Here is the original image:

The submitter of this image loves the interaction of the twins, but thinks it's a bit dull. I agree...while I like the pattern of the background, I didn't care for the dingy gray tones it produces. Here is my fix:

Now for what I did, please keep in mind that I do not use Photoshop, but a program called PhotoImpact. If you wish to follow my steps I am sure that there is something compatable to the actions and such that I used to get these results.

First I went to Smart Curves as I usually do but I could not find a preset that worked well.
Having failed on Smart Curves I went to Brightness and Contrast and increased those to B +20 C +15.
I then went into Color Cast and added just a touch of green to diffuse the red in the image.
I applied a mask to the babies and the white cushion then cut them out.
I opened a picture I took a while back and cut out a little piece of the sky then pasted it to the original image.
I then returned the babies to the original.
I merged all the layers and used clone and blur tool to clean up the edges where I made the cuts.
Lastly I used a font called KRDecoFrames and added the frame to the image.

That's it...hope you enjoyed my fix and to see more click the I ♥ Faces logo below!


  1. wow, that is totally different than everyone else, I love your creativity.

  2. Cool ! Even though I love the original background, I must say I like what you did! Great job!

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