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Sunday, January 24, 2010

This Week's Featured Image - Week 6

The featured image this week is a tree from my local park. When I took the picture it was the height of summer so there wasn't, unfortunately, all this green there. I increased the amount of green in the image (a lot) and brightened it up a lot. I then used a cartoon or watercolor tool to make it look more like a drawing or painting. I think the way this tree looks, I should be seeing fairies and unicorns running around it. Here is the original image.

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  1. looks like a painting,so vivid and beautiful!great job!

  2. Hi Jayde.. Love your posts! And great photography.... I'm looking forward to following your blog.... see you in the blogosphere.... :)

  3. Wow, you did an amazing job retouching the photo. The green is so rich and brilliant. :)

  4. time to learn how to add in those lil faries?


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