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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What I Saw Today...part 6

My son stays after school most days for off-season workouts. Usually around 4:30 he calls to tell me that he's ready to be picked up. I head over there using 'backroads' as some would call it, rather than the main road through town, because it's quicker and easier. I drove right by this spot on the way to the school and saw nothing (maybe I just didn't notice the HUGE steer standing at the corner!) After picking Ashe up from the school we head back to the house using the same 'backroads' I drove getting there and suddenly I spot this thing. I said something along the lines of "Holy Shit!" (pardon my language). My son looks up and says "That almost looks real." to which I laugh because IT IS REAL! There, right smack dab in the middle of my small little town in Texas. I shouldn't be too shocked, heck, there were a bunch of sheep across the street from this guy and I drive by a few horses on my way to work every morning, just a block or so from my house. So no this didn't really suprise me. My son's comment was funny so I thought I should share that of course.

No, what really gets me thinking when I see something like this is a couple of questions. Do you see the HUGE steer? Now, do you see the simple wooden fence? Don't you think that HUGE steer could tear that piddly little fence apart in about a half a second is he was smart of enough to realize that? Or do you think the cow is just happy to be where he is, that he is well treated and is perfectly content to stay where he is?

Just food for thought.


  1. beautiful! I bet he knows the grass is greener on his side of the fence

  2. Oh wow...look at the horns on that one! I am thinking he may not know that those horns can tear that fence to shreds! And let's not tell him either!

    Thanks for following me...now I am following you....


  3. He looks happy and content otherwise I don't think he'd be that big and have those huge horns!its a beautiful pic!

  4. Something tells me he's a bull not a steer. Wanna go check? {*grin*}

  5. Well, I sure wouldn't go and tease him to find out! lol

  6. Goodness! That's just up the road from me isn't it? I've never seen that big guy before. I must start paying more attention!


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