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Monday, February 15, 2010

Experiment - Free Sponsor Listing

I am trying an experiment that I heard about from Josh Hanagarne in a post he wrote for ProBlogger. You should see a widget bar on the top of my page showing six 125X125 pixel squares that state YOUR AD HERE. This is my official casting call for sponsor auditions. I am offering a free month of sponsor listing for anyone interested, be it for your business site or just your blog. You will need to e-mail me (not just enter into the comments) the following information:

Your Name:
Your Site Name:
Your Product:
How you heard about this opportunity:
What qualifications do you possess that should make me choose your site for the free sponsorship?

I will be accepting "applications" for a couple of weeks and will announce the 'winners' on February 28th. The chosen ones (sounds important huh?) will need to provide their site image in jpg format at 125X125 pixels. I can resize the image if it is too large, but if that has to be done, there is some chance the image or lettering will get distorted. If you don't have a button and don't know how to make one, feel free to contact me BEFORE I announce the winners and I will see what I can do to assist you.

The winners (or chosen ones) will have their link/button displayed at the top of my page for the month of March at no charge. Anyone wishing to continue their sponsorship beyond that time will need to contact me for payment options. I will be offering a one month Sponsor listing for $25 past the free month.

Qualifications: What I'm looking for in a sponsor is a neat and interesting site. Whether you blog or have a business page, I want my readers who click through to be able to tell what it is and navigate with relative ease. I will not approve sponsors of anything that is considered 'adult' content, or in bad taste. I am looking for artists, crafters, moms, adoptive parents, anyone really who has a good answer to the qualification question.

I realize that there are a few possible outcomes to this post. 1) I will have no one show interest whatsoever and will feel like a complete idiot. 2) I will have a huge mass of applicants that I will have to hire a secretary to help me sort through them all. 3) If I have more applicants than 6, I will have to actually choose  4) Someone may get upset at my choices.

I hope that no matter which of the above outcomes take place that everyone who sent in an 'application' will not hold a grudge and will understand that I will not be making personal choices. The choices that I make will be what I consider best for my budding business as well as the chosen sponsors. If you think you may get hard feelings if you are not chosen, then please do not apply. I would rather have no applications and call this experiment a dud than to have people angry for a simple thing such as this.

Thanks to all who do actually take the time to apply, I can't wait to hear from you.

P.S. You will need to e-mail me at jayde778 at yahoo dot com

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