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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This Week's Featured Image - Week 7

I think I have the right week number...maybe. This was last week's Featured Image nonetheless. I am very sorry about not having this posted Sunday, I even forgot to change the image Sunday. I didn't remember until I was sitting at work Monday. Then I had a couple of other things to post about and didn't want to overload my blog and have a couple of posts get missed that way. As it is I think one did anyway.

So for this image I took the picture with my Samsung Propel (that would be my cell phone). This was at the farm with Kevin's family when the HP Photosmart camera we had decided to be a PhotoDUMB camera (if you've been to my Shop you would have seen that lovely play on words already. HINT HINT)
 Anyway, I used PhotoImpact to alter the image as usual and I really am not sure what all I did to it. I know I used Saturation, I think I may have used Diffuse Glow, and other than that I used a Frame to create the scratchy look. I will have to start keeping a log of the things I do to a picture to get them from start to finish.

I will post the Before image later when I have access to the other computer. It is currently entertaining Kevin with Netflix movies. I will also have to make note to get a very large USB drive to store all my pics in so that I can have access to them from any computer.

Here is the original image. Have a great day everyone.


  1. I love all of the effects that you used to create this photo! Keeping a log is a great idea.
    A friend of mine just told me that they are offering all of their features for free over at picnik.com
    I haven't checked it out yet. You might have some fun with their effects!

  2. Keeping a log is a good idea. Of course the other possibility is to create a morphing image step by step as each of the effects come into play - a sort of living history of the picture if you will.

  3. Ok I have my giveaway up at
    with your great offer there.
    I need to know if you get any new followers from me. I am offering 5 extra entries to your followers.

  4. I have to say I just love, Love, LOVE this psychedelic tractor! Or have I said this before? You're one talented chica!

  5. I love to come here & see what you do with the pics. They always turn out so cool! Have a great week! (((HUGS)))


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