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Friday, February 12, 2010

I ♥ Faces - Fix It Friday #43

It's that time again!! Time for :

This week's image it just too cute, but had a blah background and some lighting issues. I had fun with this one, and I even created a slide show to explain the processes I went through to create the "Fixed" image. I just hope I can get it to upload!

Sadly, no, I cannot upload the slideshow. But I will show you the original image and my finished image and figure out later how to show the slideshow. Be sure to click the I ♥ Faces link above to check out what everyone else had done!

The Original Image.

My "Fixed" Image.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my work here. Be sure to stop by my SHOP and browse around my own photography and digital art. Who knows, you might find something you like!


  1. 看看blog調整心情,又要來繼續工作,大家加油........................................

  2. He's such a good-looking young man, ain't he? And I do like your "fix," too!

  3. too fun!
    hey I am adding you on my post at
    because i am thanking you for making my new header.
    let me know if you get any comments or followers....and make sure to enter!
    what? well, go and see!

  4. Super Cute!
    Stopping by from SITS Happy Monday :)


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