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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Where Are You From?

I work with the public and some people will hear me speak and say "You're not from around here, are you?" To which I answer, "No." The resonse to my answer varies at times but it usually amounts to "Where are you from?" I hate being asked this question, because it usually involves a long explanation. My answer to the question is "Which year?" Which makes people automatically say "You must be a military brat." Here comes the explanation. "Yes, my father was in the Air Force for 22 years before he retired, however, my mom and dad divorced when I was 8. I went to 16 different schools (that I can remember) from Kindergarten through my Senior year. The longest I was in one school was 3 years, which was the school I graduated from. And oddly enough, that was when I was living with my dad. I was born in Japan, then we moved back to the states in Maryland. A few years later, my dad was shipped to Italy, it was during this time that he and my mother divorced. He was in italy for 4 years, then went to Germany for 4 years. Then he returned to the states and was stationed in Florida for a couple of years, then in New York. Looking back, I would have moved LESS, if I'd have lived with my father."

I hunted down a map of Japan that actually had the town I was born shown, but for some reason it's not showing up on here right.

Anyway, here is my list of places I've lived:
Texas (all over the place here)
New York

I think I got it all, maybe. That's just the states I've lived in and not the individual towns. So, I have moved a lot. I always swore that I would not move my children around all over the place like my mother did and I have done well so far. They have been in this one town at the same school for 6 years now. Much longer than I ever was in one place.

What brings on a post like this? Well, I have my very first review item on the way and I am very excited. It is in some way related to something I have said in this post. Are you curious? You'll just have to wait and see what is coming. Be sure to keep your eyes open, because there will be a giveaway involved as well!

So...where are YOU from?


  1. Hey Gal! First things first. Just coming from Crazed Mind and visiting with Lynette. She sends her regards. I'm originally from Texas, born in Wichita Falls. Other than Texas, I've lived in Michigan, (after mom died I moved there with my sister and her family), New Jersey after I married a GI, Germany while being married to him, and back to Texas. I have lived in AT Least 12 different towns in Texas as well.

    Love ya bunches!


  2. I am from Philippines. The farthest place I go out of my country is Hongkong.

    Travelling less & spending less. lol

  3. wow -that makes you quite a worldly gal!! I live in Cleveland now (where did you live in Ohio?)

  4. Through high school, I lived in Colorado and Nebraska - all withing a 150 mile circle. Thus I have that distinctive mid-western twang so universally desired for phone voices. Something about it being the most understandable to all regions. {*grin*}

  5. Which planetary system and during which timeline?


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